Education Services


Educational institutions around the world face numerous challenges including new technologies to changing labour markets requirements and increased globalisation. Ericks & Fredericks offers a dedicated team of professionals with on-the-ground experience in education strategy, operations, reform, innovation and implementation. Our breadth of experience and depth of service as strategic advisors to the education industry spans all levels of education including early childhood, elementary, secondary, higher, vocational and professional education across both public and private sectors, as well as international.

Ericks & Fredericks has a proven history in the education sector. Our Education Practice has an explicit mission and vision to be the leading strategy advisor to the education industry. To achieve this, we have invested significantly in our dedicated management and team resources to ensure that our expertise extends across public sector and non-profit education providers, foundations, private companies and service providers, and investors.

Our team works with policy makers and service providers across early childhood, primary, post secondary and adult education to develop and implement policies and programs to achieve positive student and teacher outcomes.

Our experts employ evidence based research, rigorous evaluations and provide technical support to ensure that our clients are equipped with the frameworks they need to make informed, practical decisions to achieve results. Our expertise spans across key education agendas, from:

  • early childhood education and early intervention
  • schools management
  • infrastructure development
  • school to work training
  • literacy and numeracy & curriculum implementation
  • rural and remote education
  • working with at-risk students, including student engagement and re-engagement
  • working with government and education and private sector to support policy development and reducing red tape
  • building school and leadership capacity
  • ensuring appropriate systems are in place for quality improvement
  • improving outcomes for students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Our service offering is tailored to the needs of your organisations - ranging from providing on the ground support to improve school and staff capacity to conducting large scale public consultations and developing national policy positions.