What You Need to Know about International Education

Both parents and students find there are several advantages for choosing to pursue an international undergraduate and/or postgraduate education in Australia, Russia and Europe:

  • International Experience

Armed uniquely with a prestigious university degree and international experience, our students are poised to become next generation leaders, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals.

  • Cultural Experience

For many, the ability to study in another country is a singular opportunity to experience a different culture, while gaining an appreciation for cultural diversity. Students cannot help but learn about the destination country’s geo-political, governmental, and fiscal differences, as well as its heritage, customs, and traditions. Studies show that students engaged in cultural experiences are less likely to drop out, and to the contrary excel in their academic studies.

  • Value of an International Education

Value of an international education is increasing. In 2010, an estimated 250,000 Nigerians were studying in various universities around the world, and this number is increasing on an annual basis making Nigeria one of the biggest markets for International education. This is indicative of the value that an international education holds for the people of Nigeria.

  • Attractive Programs & Enrolment Sizes

Nigerian universities have more students than class space thus, making graduation impossible in four years. This problem does not exist in many of our destination universities. Moreover, in Australia and most parts of the European Union (Bologna Declaration of 1999), postsecondary education is conducted differently compared to Nigeria. Bachelor degrees can be obtained in three years specialized Bachelor degrees in four years, with a Masters degree in 1 to 2 years. What this provides our students is the ability to move into the work force much quicker; and/or obtain BOTH an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in the same amount of time (or less) than one would spend attending a Nigerian university.

  • Educational Cost

The cost for international study is reflective of the unlimited opportunities that can be realised through the experience and may be more affordable than you think. Further, in most of our destination countries, Nigerian students have work rights and are able to gain valuable work experience while supplementing their cost of living.