Economic Development

Advanced and emerging nations face major, albeit different, obstacles to stable and inclusive economic growth. While advanced economies strive for human-capital development, sustainable growth, and productivity improvement in the public sector, developing economies must balance the benefits of economic progress against societal and individual costs.

Much progress has been made in the past century in raising individuals and societies out of poverty. Continuing this progress requires a significant and sustained global focus on economic development. Unlocking economic growth will require strategies for overcoming growth obstacles such as natural disasters and the effects of climate change.

Ericks & Fredericks helps governments and public-sector organizations design and implement large-scale strategies that promote economic development and inclusive growth. While the majority of our work is in emerging economies, we also help public-sector institutions in advanced economies solve complex development challenges.

Our consultants and management team have extensive proven experience in achieving economic development in developing and western context. Our experience positions us to develop best practice solutions to meet your needs.