Who we are

Ericks & Fredericks is a global company specialising in supporting our clients to maximise their performance and achieve their vision – working with large companies, small businesses and individuals across more than 40 industries and with a global reach.

Working with the best consultants, researchers and industry professionals, Ericks & Fredericks is dedicated to applying economic, finance, human and quantitative principles to complex individual, private and organisational challenges.

Registered in Nigeria and Australia, Ericks & Fredericks strives to maintain our culture of innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement. Our reputation is hinged on evidence based solutions, practicality and real world industry experience to support clients improve performance through effective people, risk, business and financial management.

Ericks & Fredericks service a wide range of industries to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to individual, private and organisational issues. Our team of professionals have proven experience providing sound advice that meets your needs no matter the context so that you can make the right decision and take the right action.




Our mission is to be leaders in strategic thinking and systems performance.

At Ericks & Fredericks International Consulting, we strive to achieve positive change for our clients, staff, and for the communities we work within. We aim for our clients to be market leaders through identifying successful business opportunities, addressing their key challenges and supporting them to transform their situations.  We are committed to:

  • creating competitive advantage through innovative and unique solutions;
  • building individual, team and organisational capacity;
  • driving sustainable change.